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tulpa for healing
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i apologize first if this topic doesnt belong here and or brakes some rules of the forum. sorry if it does.  i have possible sleep apnea . i say possible couse im not fully sure if it is apnea or some other sleeping disorder. technicly i was able to rest out and sleep out good weeks ago but suddenly im not anymore.   i wake up tired and exhausted and i cant sleep pass the certain times like half 8 or 8 in the morning and i cant fall asleep before 11 or half 12 at night or earlier and even if i could i dont know if it would help or change anything. also i have tried to sleep in daytime but no matter how hard i try it doesnt work out.  so after this long story i would like to ask how i could create tulpa fast and easy to help with this issue or can someone create a tulpa for me and send it for me to help me with those issues. i would be grateful. if this post doesnt fit here or brakes some rules then sorry. if nobody cant or doesnt want to help thats fine to. all help and responses are appriciated.

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This fits Questions and Answers better, so I will move it there.

A tulpa doesn't necessarily fix anything, they're not some magical beings capable of that. They also shouldn't really be created just to help you with your issues, they are your friends rather than tools to use. You also can't send a tulpa to another person, as said, they are not magical beings capable of that and technology of today doesn't really allow us to send parts of our imagination to other brains.

Go see a doctor for your issues.

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thanks for your reply and i would understand why you would say to me to go to doctor but it isnt that easy for me. you see my family doctor is a dork who doesnt send anyone to any other doctor if needed. for her playng donctor is way more important than being one. i have also red that tulpas are tought creatures made by toughts and they can be sent to others with good healing toughts so i think its possible to do. if you think it isnt then its cool.  i respect that.  if anyone can send me tulpa then please do so. i would also treat tulpa as a friend and friends need to help eatchother in hard times.  thats whats friends are for dont you think. but thanks for your input.

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You can read a lot of shit online. I wouldn't suggest believing a lot of it.

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how do you know its shit. have you ever tryed any of it. sending tought creatures is possible and tulpas are tought creatures btw

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fede thanks for your reply.  it was insightful. im indeed skeptical but im tryng to change that skeptisism. if someone would be willing to send me tulpa then i would be willing to try to belive it and not be so skeptical. it would not hurt to try but thanks for your response. i may try to do tulpa myself but i dont know if im strong enough and good enough to do it.

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thaks for your response and yes i think  he has a point that not to belive everything i read online . im kinda afraid to create the tupper couse it might be to hard for me and its hard for me to keep away toughts what could get in a way of creating one. what would be the fastest and easiest way to create one

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There is no single method that is the fastest for everybody. You're just going to have to try things and see what works for you.

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im tryng my best and try to do what i can.  creating tulpa is difficult and time taking progress as far as i have studied it.

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thanks for the explanation . i think i try parroting couse its easier for me to do

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also i would like to go back to my previous point. i say this before yes its true that you shouldnt belive everything you read online but the stuff i red about tulpas being tought creatures and you can send them is true. tulpas are made of wishes and toughts arent they so i totaly stand by this and belive it is so.  i also belive that person who wants to send tulpa must be verry experienced in it and in order to recieve it the reciever must belive in this strongly. some people have sayd that send tulpa to head or something similar but what i ment to send one physicly couse i belive one can do it if one is experienced enough to do so. but yeah.  but this sending tulpa to the head stuff was brought up in another tulpa forum  when i was disgusting the same topic there but i point it out in this forum as well but yeah. thats my take on it or should i say thats the way it is or tulpas work . atleast its the way i see it and understand it from my point of view
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Nope, it has never happened. If you do, however, prove something like this to exist (very easy to do as you could transfer thoughts without physically being present), then you can get a million dollars.

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i dont think i need to prove anything. people affect eatch other with theyr toughts every day. if they repeat theyr toughts and have same patterns they may make tought creature or tulpa . unless tought creatures is completly diffrent class.  energy vampirism works similar ways . but really now i didnt come here to debate or argue . everyone has theyr own opinions and ways they see things. one last thing its factual that people can affect others with theyr toughts and they can affect themselves with toughts as well. tulpas are creatures made out of toughts. they have the power to affect others and they just like toughts can mostlikely to be send to others and another thing tulpas can mostlikely go out of control and turn on theyr creators and even steal theyr energy. i putted the facts on table but also say that everyone has diffrent opinions wheter they are wrong or not again i didnt come here to argue or debate about it.  i belive people cant or maybe dont hve to proove that but thats the way it is . if you wanna think and belive diffrenly from that then you can and so can i. but yeah. i think i should just take the best ideas and inputs and try them out diffrently and see what works best for me couse everyone is diffrent and dthings work on them diffrently.
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Re: tulpa for healing
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If you can prove it and don't prove it, you don't look very credible.

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i dont really wanna be rude but i really could care less how i look or how credible i look. tulpas are tought creatures thats a fact. toughts can affect people thats a fact. there are articles in internet how positive thinking and sugar pills can cure people. people who have gotten sugar pills have tought and told those are real pills and couse of beliving that and beliving in healing they got better. tulpas are made of toughts arent they. if toughts can affect people why cant tought creatures aka tulpas do the same. i dont have to prove anything or credible it just is how tulpas are. belive it or not. its the way it is. i dont feel the need to proove anything and i dont have to. tulpas themselves prove theyr point and how they are tought cretures and toughts themselves proov how they affect people in a good way or bad way. also words affect people. if you dont wanna belive that all then whatever its up to you. im not gonna proove anything couse i dont have to or feel like it. doesnt matter how credible i sound or am . if the things themselves proove my point aka tulpas tought creatures and how they affect people and can even turn on theyr creators and take theyr energy eventually. ive done my reaseartch on tulpas to. it is probably way diffrent the reaseartch you have done. i dont wanna be rude and this debate is kinda pointless couse you obviously not gonna agree with me and other way around  so why continue.  rahter should try to figure out how to make tulpa the fastest easiest and with low energy rather then debating what is and isnt.  i belive i have made my point about it and dont feel like repeating myself and as this debate itself goes im done with the debate.  i came here to listen peoples input get help with my situation not to debate what tulpa is and isnt. we can agree that  and end this with tulpas mean diffrent things to us  one last thing. if you wanna say i dont sound credible then you might as well say the sources i got my info from arent credible eithe or they are crap and shouldnt be belived. i belive those sources tough. maybe im confusing tulpa with tought creatures who are completly diffrent class but tulpas are made ok eitherway im done. i set my peace and point. for me this debate is over so we can go back to try to find the best and easiest way to make a tulpa.