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Change in how linking works & registration question
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:53:56 PM »
Hey people, we made a little change you should know about.

We've had a ton of spam during the last few days and while we could sort it all out, it doesn't look very good to leave it there while we're gone. To battle the spam, we changed how users are allowed to link. Every external link now requires you to have at least 1 post before it lets your post with a link through. Seeing how the spambots we've gotten this far acted, they start linking right away and not allowing their first post through would make it impossible for them to get the required one post to be allowed to post links.

Unfortunately this is going to hurt our users a bit, as some might want to post an external link as their first post. Not much we can do about that using this system, but luckily there are easy ways to get that one post you are required to have. You could introduce yourself in the introductions thread, post a little something in the chat thread or maybe even write what you think about this forum's themes.

This affects both parent and subaccounts. Even if the parent account has the required posts, the subaccount can't link to an external site. They too would have to make a post before that, but hopefully it won't be too annoying. I am hoping that the solution we're offering is less annoying than the actual spam.

Image tags work, so your first post could have an image in it.

To battle spambots being able to register accounts, we have added security questions instead of captcha. It is simple, you just need to write the plural of various words, including "tulpa". If you don't know the answer for that particular one, I suggest checking Wiktionary.

Hopefully this will stop the post graveyard and moderation reports getting multiple entries from spambots every day. If there are some bugs in the changes, please contact waffles as soon as you can so it can be fixed. Telling him what theme you're using and any possible error reports will help a lot, along with other detailed explanations.

For a cleaner, better, Tulpa Network, right? Thanks for sticking with us through the spamstorm.
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