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There are a few simple rules on this forum.
  • No spamming/advertising.

  • No illegal content, be it attachments or links to elsewhere. US laws define what is illegal here.

  • Try not to post solely off-topic replies in on-topic threads.*

  • Don't post a controversial statement without expecting to be asked to support it. You can qualify with "It's just my opinion", but opinions can be criticised too.
    This applies especially to metaphysical/parapsychological/supernatural/psychic/magic(k)al ideas, as this is forum is intended for looking at tulpas within the view of standard science.*

  • You shouldn't really use anything except the subaccount system to indicate who is talking with regards to tulpa/host. 'Badges', e.g., "Host[Tulpa]", are explicitly banned, and other methods discouraged.

  • Don't be monumentally stupid. I don't mean a bit stupid; everyone can be stupid sometimes. I mean really, really stupid. The kind of stupid that asks "Guys, where do I find the guides" in Q&A. And if you think there are no stupid questions, see this.*
*These do not apply in Off-Topic.

Board-specific rules, which you can find in the stickies on each board, also apply. Follow these and we'll all get along well.
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