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Subaccount switch update & Core theme error fix
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:50:04 AM »
Hey everyone, little announcement for you all.

The Tulpa Network banner for both Headline (the default) and CoalBlack theme caused some trouble for people whose browsers didn't suppot Viewport, causing the banner sort of go on top of the links and subaccount switch drop-down menu. We felt that the subaccount switching is such an important feature of our forums that it should be accessible to everyone regardless of browser. Having two of the drop-down menus was conflicting, so we changed its position below the banner. It hopefully shouldn't cause anyone problems now.

If anyone wonders why Headline was changing so often or why the subaccount switching didn't work on it earlier today, that's the reason. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Core and Curve theme remain unchanged. Earlier today there was some kind of problem with Core, but it should be fixed now. Hopefully it didn't cause too many problems for you all. Headline and CoalBlack are the "supported" themes, so sometimes problems with Core and Curve can go unnoticed. Please report problems if you're using those themes, that will be invaluable.

Remember, if you find bugs, don't be afraid to use the Forum Discussion board or contact waffles to report problems. Giving him the exact error messages and telling him what theme you're using will be a great help in getting it fixed.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience we might have caused you and a big thank you for waffles for fixing these things. Right now the help images for subaccounts are a bit out of date as they use the original position, but we'll update those later. Don't be alarmed if the pictures look different compared to the actual placement. (should look right now!) I am hoping this is what will work for everyone and is a good compromise between looks and functionality.

If someone really thinks that the new placement of the switch account menu is horrible and Tulpa Network is ruined forever because of it, I can always try to force waffles to work more... Just don't tell him.
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