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Welcome to Tulpa Network
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Tulpa Network is a site for talking and gathering information about the tulpa phenomenon and especially looking at the modern type of tulpas in a scientific and mature light. All that really means is that we do not buy the paranormal explanations some might offer and that we're going to treat each other like adults here, with honesty, opinions and freedom of speech all considered very important and allowed – no, desired – on these forums. It doesn't mean humor and lightheartedness aren't allowed, but there is a time and place for that and serious talk. After all, freedom of speech is important, but together we shape the whole community. Our goal is not to grow large, but to gain an excellent member base we all can be proud of.

We are also trying to create a place where tulpas can easily post and be themselves without being forced to make a big deal out of their origins, which is why we have a subaccount system in place on these forums. Host, tulpa, it does not matter here. You're welcome and treated the same as the rest no matter what you are.

Tulpa Network lacks hidden boards and all boards are open to read for everyone with or without accounts. Guests are allowed to make threads and post in their own threads in the Questions and Answers board for those quick questions, and both the Forum Discussion and its child board Moderation Feedback have full on guest posting, meaning you can also reply to someone else's thread in them. Right now the guest posting system is something we are trying out and we are hoping it won't be abused in some way.

We strive for mod transparency as well and make sure our moderation team stays in check. We're not here to slap your wrist when you make mistakes, we're here to talk it out so we can help you understand why something ended up being a problem. And of course, you're free to do the same to the moderators. Your feedback is important to us.

No place can be a place where everyone will want to stay, but if you agree with what has been written above, Tulpa Network most likely is the place for you to learn and teach about tulpas.

For more reading, you are going to want to look through our Rules and the How to Forum thread is going to help you set up a subaccount and explain some extra features these forums have. For any strange terms a new tulpaforcer might run into on these forums, the Glossary is going to help. Reading through the How to Tulpa thread and looking at the Guides forum is suggested before you start out and do remember to check the FAQ before you make a thread in Questions and Answers.

Deleted Posts board is where we will move every post or thread deleted by a mod and we will also list a reason. This way we can save every post in case they are needed later. Please look at the Reports board before you report offensive posts in case they have been reported before; this way we can stop having the same post being reported over and over again. Posts are reported the normal way by clicking the "Report to moderator" link every post has, please do not post your reports directly on the Reports board. There is no need to, it happens automatically.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay.
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