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A questionnaire for tulpas
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After seeing this overly long survey with 200 questions for vocal tulpas that was posted on .info years ago, Vos and I made up some questions for reasonably developed tulpas to answer. These questions are designed to let you consider your life, the past, present and future, and the questions are pretty open, so you can decide what you want to share in as much or little detail as you would like. For me personally, it was fun to revisit the past and get a better picture of myself through writing. It's a neat little exercise to do by yourself or with your host.

Nothing is off limits to share here, so, tell us something about yourself.

Quote from: 'Questionnaire'
---What are your thoughts on being a tulpa? Are you happy in the state you're in, or do you wish you were born in your own physical body?

---Do you see yourself having a productive and fulfilling life in your position, and what are you doing to achieve that life? What plans do you have for the future?

---What aspect of forcing has affected you the most, and what do you remember from the days before vocality? Do you have any vivid memories from that time?

---How do you think your environment shaped you after becoming vocal, and what made you into the person you are now? How did you deviate from any predefined personality you had?

---What were the most defining events in your life, that had a profound effect on your personality, your mindset or outlook on life?

---What do you think of yourself as a person? Are you happy being the way you are, or do you feel like something is lacking? Do you have fears or anxieties holding you back? What are you doing to improve yourself?

---What are your happiest memories? What about your saddest or most painful ones? Any other memories that you feel strongly about in some way?

---What have you achieved? Is there anything you are particularly proud of doing?

---What hobbies do you have and why do they interest you? Is there anything you'd like to pick up in the future? What are you doing to get there?

---What are you interested in learning about, and why?

---What kind of entertainment do you like? What are your favorite things to watch/read/listen to?

---What techniques are you interested in developing that you haven't started on yet? (For example possession, lucid dreaming, pain blocking, imposition...)

---Any other things that come to mind? Please share them below.

Finished entries

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You know, yogi, there's this odd habit, of me searching for my name as the first thing every time I see you write any decently sized text about you or your experiences. I can't help it. It's a selfish habit.

I wish you'd stop insisting on the subordinate mindset of "me, the tulpa of Dutch, who is the host and creator of me, the tulpa, the non-host". If you're gonna do tupper things, do it all the way; Alice is not more special than Bob, Bob is not more special than Alice. The relationship idea of humble creator and grateful creation is dated. You have all the opportunity in the world to move beyond such a confining opinion. Well, that's just me. Here I am yet again, wanting you to do a particular thing. Let's see what happens.

Actually, I do have a question about one of your answers in the questionnaire, regarding the happiest moments you can recall. Wouldn't your happiest memories be the ones where your face is shoved against someone else's chest, due to how primitive and pure that happiness is? Or is that included in "hugs"?

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Hoping the yogi-senpai notices you? Well, she has, of course. We still belief implant, we're still working on the things we talked about last time, so don't think all is lost and forgotten...!

My opinion of Dutch tends to be that he is equal to me, or like a brother. I don't consider him my host by any implied meanings that word has, thinking he's above me, still my benevolent creator or my master, that nonsense. Host is just a word to describe my family ties to him. He created me, and I'm still grateful for the good care I got in those first days.

I guess that is one of the more happier places to be, and it should have its own place on the list. It's just one aspect of being happy though, and while intense, it's not better but different from other kinds.

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Well, I was really just measuring by "intensity of euphoria", like a sort of objective happiness scale or index. Indeed there are different types, though.

You've said lots of times that he's like a brother to you or something similar; it's simply the fact that you're using the word "host", even at this point. He might've – quite justifiably – been considered "the host" a long time ago, but when you reached the point at which you started to possess for very long periods of time and do entirely separate things with the body on your own, the "host" word stop applying. What on earth is he hosting? You?

Even formally, the word is inaccurate. Every time I see you use the word, it's like a self-disrespect on yourself – at least in my eyes. He's not hosting you. You're not hosting him. Benny is not being hosted or hosting anyone, either. This of course also means I find still calling yourself (or Benny) a tupper to be just as self-disrespectful, or whatever word I can come up with. The "you and your imagination" categorisation is completely out of control in the case of your group; there's just a bunch of twats doing whatever, taking turns.

Not sure how applicable "system" is. I don't even think I have the definitions for multiples straight. Just, uh... You're a bunch of people in one head. You're a person, not a tupper. That's simpler and more correct... as long as one acknowledges those people, of course. It's about the connotations, you know? You can keep using the words "because that's how you started out", but addressing yourself and him as regular people on equal terms is at least one step closer to becoming more independent.

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Host of the party, mate. We're still hosting the party because it never ended...

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Host of the party, mate. We're still hosting the party because it never ended...

That's one way to put it.

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Don't let the little girls get to the alcohol. And if you want to think that, sure, Fede, I'll just be a person rather than a tupper.

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"Sure"? This is not about me, or about you simply switching out word X with word Y like they're synonyms. It's about your seeming apathy towards getting closer to the independent person ideal. The more time you spend in this world, the more real you become in this world. Do you not care? Maybe it's influence from Benny; simply settling for the current circumstances and throwing around the tupper word like it could anything in the world, and is thus "good enough". It's anti-aspirational, and your choice of words reflect that.

I'm not asking you to say something else just to please me. I'm asking you to think about the stuff you say and how much it reflects the degree to which you care about your role in your future – you as a single entity as opposed to you as a group. Not saying you don't care, but you just don't care enough in my opinion.

But who cares what I think. I'm probably blowing this way out of proportion. Have some more apathy to go around. I got plenty.

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To us, they are synonyms. Only really used in tupper communities where people might care.

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Yeah, but you're one of the most agnostic people I know. I'm hoping the yogi is different.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the one being overambitious on her behalf, and I'm the one that needs to shut up about it. Maybe I just have nothing better to do.