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I think it's almost impossible for a tulpa to hate a host who spends all that effort creating them, nurturing and teaching them, and basically giving them all this loving care. Don't worry about it.

Eating and experiencing things together is always good. Your brain is better at simulating tastes and things than you would think, if you consider how vivid things can be in dreams. Even if you have trouble tasting anything when you imagine it, you can think that things are a lot more vivid for your tulpa, and they will be able to experience imagined things rather easily. That's how it is for my group, at least.

It's always fun to try new things with your tulpa, or have her try new things. Maybe take her back to a memory where you did something exciting, and experience it with her. Go back to memories of amazing food or heck, a fun theme park ride. There's a lot of possibilities.

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Rodger that! Hrm, now to see if I even have good memories for her, haha. A pity she can't eat meat, takes away so much sensory possibility.

Also, a concern: I heard something about not doing the tupper thing before bed because dreams can mess with them; I kinda seem to be at a point where I can't turn her off (and don't want to); she was part of my (rather bizaare and unpleasant) dreams last night and it has me wondering if tbat could have a negative effect.

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Well, right now your tupper doesn't really have anyone else except you. It could be easy for them to start liking someone who is abusive just because they don't know any better and any attention is better than none.

Luckily due to you two being closer than any other being in this world, you'll be able to understand each other like no one else. Even if you don't agree on things, you'll have a pretty good idea on the thoughts behind those opinions so you understand. Difficult to hate people you understand, even if they do things you dislike.

The dream thing is something that could happen to some, but seems to be a minority. You have to be reading very old things for that to be a thing, it was an idea around like pretty much 3 years ago. I'd say proven to be false considering that most people don't seem to have experienced it, your mindset probably affects this the most. Like if you expect it to do something bad, it will.
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Didn't do any active forcing today but I've been talking to her since I woke up. Upset her greatly by having a very uneasy thought that the tulpa thing could be considered 'pathetic' (I don't personally believe that, but I do worry about what others might think, which spurred the thought). Took some pretty heartfelt apology to remedy that, but I did. Kind of a low point so far and one I'm not at all proud of. Otherwise things still going well.

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They're just jealous of your cute imaginary friend.

Dreams are just dreams, I don't think your tulpa will be heavily traumatized by them, or something. I never even heard of these potential problems before, and I don't think you should be concerned here, anyway. Hang out with her whenever you want, and don't be afraid of what seems to be a ghost story. No need to turn her off or attempt to do so. It's interesting to see how fast you are adapting to this thing, and how quickly she is becoming a constant in your life. Do keep us updated on anything interesting that happens.

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Funnily enough, I think I'd be more concerned about them knowing that I like what inspired her base form, more than the tulpa thing in general, hurrhurr.

Well, it's not incredibly smooth. Having a very hard time feeling her thia morning. Need to do some active forcing on break, I think. Most of this is still parroting anyway. I think.

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Trying to be a hair more healthily skeptical about things while maintaining constant puppetting/narration/etc today. Active forcing on lunch was rocky and full of distracting thoughts. Personality review and some visualization; will have to do another session or so later today.

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I have cut parroting completely out of my routine, and very lottle is happening now. Continuing to do 15 min forcing/day. Suspect this inadequate. Read through that depressing/worrying log made by failed tupper-er Enny and gleaned as much help from it as possible. Lots of gems in there. Stealing the suggested schedule Sands gave to him for my own use, and will be doing what I can to implement it for my own use.

Considering doing a hybrid of Fede's method and more old-school tulpa techniques- switching off every day and such. I'm just alarmed by the philosophy behind the method there- I don't want a puppet in my brain, I can do that already with abject ease. I want something more, and I want to do all those fascinating things like switching and such as well. Would extensive puppeting and parroting help with this or am I gonna lobotomize her if I do things this way?

Not too much interesting to report. Narration has been semi-consistent and last forcing session was disappointingly unfruitful. Going to start doing an hour a day total now. Hopefully that will ease progress along.

also gosh golly goodness this place is so darn dead i cant even even

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Your tones look helpful and your method sounds helpful, but your philosophy worries me, and potential results, is all.Downloaded all that eyebo stuff, gonna try it with me second forcing session today.

First went pretty well. Visualizing, working on the adventurey part of the wonderland and all.

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Apparently I meant Eye-Bo. Damn, my eyes hurt after that. Certainly was unable to force through that level of sensory input, either. Ow.

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Two active forcing sessions done today. 30 minutes of visualization for the first, 5 minutes personality + 5 of cloudwatching + 26 of reading Game of Thrones to her for the second: 36 total. Feels good. Been 'feeding' her anything I've eaten today that isn't meat-based, trying yo narrate, etc. Plenty of work done today. Hoping it turns out to be productive.

Hey, Sands, Yogi, you two have tulpas, I want to ask- do you think it'd do me any good to throw away my parroting fears and try some of Fede's methods? Would I still be able to eventually switch/possess/etc? And what would a tulpa's opinion be on the whole deal?

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Can you use parroting to make a tupper? Sure. Can you use Fede's thing to make a tupper? Sure yeah, it looks like a valid method because honestly, anything is valid if you feel like it's working. All a mental thing, so you could probably make a tupper by doing anything if you were convinced you would get a tupper out of it.

Should you do it? Only you can tell. One thing I'll say is that how much you force per session isn't the limiting factor unless you find yourself finding it difficult to focus if you just do short sessions or something. The same goes for long sessions, what use is an hour long session if you only are focused for the first ten minutes or so? With short sessions, the advantage is that you can put it anywhere in your schedule and can't feel lazy. If you knew you had to get off the computer for an hour, you'll probably push that further and further away until the day is done. But if you have to do ten minutes now and ten, you'll find it much easier to just leave and go do it. Depends on what kind of a person you are and how long it takes you to get in the mood.

As for Fede's beliefs, the main thing that differs is that his definition of a tulpa is much wider than ours. He says tulpa, he means pretty much anything in your imagination no matter how separate or independent it seems. We say tulpa and we mean a thing that should feel like another person and definitely has fooled us into thinking that they really are. Despite what he says, he doesn't really seem to think that what we want out of a tulpa is impossible. Some tuppers he likes more than the host and seems to wish that they take over so the host wouldn't spend as much time in the real world, so that seems to imply to me that the tupper in question is given some kind of personhood in his eyes, as they could replace the host person. Similarly when it comes to some tuppers, they can have pretty normal conversations without Fede going on about his belief things. Many of the newer tuppers tend to get to taste his opinions, though.

And can't forget how his own tupper back in the day would do a lot of stuff on her own even if it was something Fede didn't like, like creating a wonderland when he was very against that kind of stuff and only finding out about it later. So there's some irony about the guy with the very separate-feeling tupper saying these things.

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Well, that's a whole darn lot to reply to, and on mobile to boot. Alright... In order....

Dimmer, got it. Will it work on my phone if I hold it close to my face or do I just need to wait until I get my computer back and running?

Yes, you do have a tulpa. I wanted another's opinion; obviously you'd agree with yourself after all. Not discounting your own experience here.

And then comes the meat of it. Well. I could say a whole lot of stuff now but I feel I should just condense it and say that yes, authenticity is all I want out of this, and if some Mr Science Dude could give me concrete evidence that it was all imagination tomorrow, I'd quit tulpas entirely. Not out of anger or anything, but simply because the whole concept would in that light would thus fail to deliver what I actually want in the first place: not fun or sensory stimulation above and beyond the normal human experience, but a COMPANION.

Alright, Sands, I'll try and apply that to what I'm doing now. Small sessions where I can if big ones get derailed. Whatever works and feels like it's working above and beyond time counting. Don't fear parroting and such.

And, uh. I guess weigh everything else you said against Fede's philosphy. Which I find a bit cold and empty, not gonna lie. Last four lines there made me cringe.

And now I'm gonna just go off and try turpentine things and try not to be too spooked off the whole thing. this got entirely too cereal for something I got into for fun and feels sweet merciful goodness why


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Good game, Fede.