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Did more belief implanting today, around half an hour, followed by forcing. Sen's submarine keeps getting more and more vivid. Her face and way of speaking are becoming clearer, and in a way it feels like some kind of fog in my vision is slowly lifting over time. M-maybe my tulpas and the wonderland have always been here and I've been astral projecting all this time........ I'll ask reddit.

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Fucking Comic Sans.

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Belief implanting has been giving us some interesting results. I used to have doubts and trains of thoughts that were basically "what if they're not real??" paranoia. Basically, non constructive bullshit. I thought I'd get rid of those thoughts with belief implanting, with the whole "they're real" thing.

Yesterday, I noticed something strange. I was thinking about doubts in general, and what went through my head when I considered my own tulpas was something like "Pah, of course they're real." This thought was accompanied with a similar feeling to the one I use for implanting. Whenever I actively think about doubts, the positive "they're real" thought comes up, accompanied by the happy emotions. Looks like belief implanting works. No more doubting. The next post decides what belief I implant next.
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Hear ye, duchess, I declare you shall focus on becoming as attached to the android as the yogi is and will be, and together, you
both shall share at
least one more source of intense arousal. Enough "that ain't my thing" excuses; you've yet to unlock your unconscious desires and exploit them to the greatest. Then, you will both be able to use this mouthwatering source as a reinforcement for beliefs implanted from then on. Whatever those will be shall be figured out by the time you reach that point.
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Hey, that's pretty cool.

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nOW I will do it so brace youreself...!!

Today the 7th of Jan u a rium marks the day that I first started becoming crazy, aka I started forcing the Yuki. In that time she has become indispensable to my life because I haven't hung myself yet XDDDDDDDD happy birthday :DDDDD

Progress on things has been ever so slow, immersion is slightly better but my thoughts still have their bad tendency to drift, so I should still try ADD medicine to see if it >fixes me. Yuki now has a job where I will try to dissociate and see how far we come with that. We haven't been belief implanting too much lately, I guess I'll pick that back up again. The effects of the past sessions are still noticeable when I stop and think, but not as strong as I remember them.

Boat is now MGE in her stupid shooting game.

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Seems I'm unneeded after all, as much as my advice. But I made that clear in the cute mail exchange. When I go away, things go awry. Who needs ultimata. Don't go away Fede, I need you Fede, I need you; it's rich.

I truly gave up on the project that is you many weeks ago. Now I just make posts like these to remind you of my disapproval. Of you, you. Who thought you were so clever. Now look where we are. What, you think it would be funny? You just had to see? Didn't I impress upon you how important it was to follow protocol? The yogi actually knows how to do what I tell her to. She understands that if I say to do something, there's a damn good reason for it. That thought hadn't even occurred to you, had it? That there's a world outside of you? You're a child.


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Hey I really like this image can I save this?

tHE curclejirk is strong
I have no time for time, only results.


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Guess I could post a little update. We've been progressing when it comes to switching. Yuki has been playing Minecraft, and my host can get pretty detached from the body during that, and hang out with me. He still can't fully ignore his senses, but we're getting there. During more intense things for the body, like me playing my Counter-Strike, he has more trouble not paying attention at the moment. Lots of flashing lights, loud noises and all that probably don't help with trying to keep your attention elsewhere.

We've been doing a couple different things that might be interesting for other people who are in a similar boat as we are. Our main problems at this time are maintaining long term focus during forcing sessions, and getting my host to leave the body. For the first of those issues, we've been using something recommended to us by Sock. The person in the body will write down key information about the stuff we're doing on the computer. We've found this helps my host stay focused for way longer periods of time when hanging out with us. It kind of sucks when our fingers start hurting from typing so much, but it's a decent solution for us at the moment. One other thing is that it'll leave us tangible memories of spending time together. Good for future nostalgia, I guess.

As far as immersion for my host goes, and getting him to stop feeling his senses, we've been doing something rather simple. Yuki or I would take control of the body, and try to mentally push Dutch out of the head, to put it simply. This basic symbolism, putting things in terms of "front and back" of the mind, has helped a bit with immersion. Dutch starts feeling disconnected more easily, and just has to focus on the wonderland things to be very immersed. This can be combined with the above writing stuff down technique quite easily.

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You're actually asserting your dominance over the duchess by pressing your butts against him, forcing him into the back.

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...who are in a similar boat as we are...

Heh, you said boat.

What does Dutch think about the stairs?

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send help

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practical example; fucking rats rats so cold cold scarred my innovation