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Wow, I've never seen this thread but it sounds awesome. A bit scary being outsmarted like that. I don't know if I can make Cat interested or play by the rules.

About ice cream Cat has licked it very cat-like and then her paws so I guess she liked it but I totally forgot about different flavors and stuff. So many things to pay attention to at the same time still is too much for me. She likes to eat cookies holding em in her paws like a squirrel or hamster. Very cute but somehow weird for someone her size. Maybe at last I'll get fat from tupper craving sweets after it didn't work for you. Is Alice still keeping an eye on your diet?

I try to interact with Cat during the day as much as I can and it works for a much longr time now than in the beginnng. I also talk to her in mindvoice whenevr I have idle time but I still often forget her completely. She doesn't seem to mind. In fact she doesn't seem to mind anything much. I wish she was a bit more attached to me. ;_;

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how to get cat more attached to you
1) feed moar
2) pet moar
3) profit

Did you play with Cat?
Alice still reminds me not to eat unhealthy or unneccessary stuff. Or generally do anything she doesn't consider essential, especially when it costs money. Such is life wtih spartan tupper.

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I haven't played with Cat yet but she finally talked!

Have been feeling down lately because of no progress and neglected forcing but when I did again Cat said hey! and Don't leave me! That was heartbreaking but also great. Maybe you need to neglect tupper to get results?
I feel happy and confident again now. Have not had any clear responses from her since then but she tries. I cannot even discribe how her voice felt, it was mindvoice no auditory hallucination but it came from her with a strong feeling. No worries Cat I won't leave you!
But now I need to take this more seriously and do some serious forcing.

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Now don't you dare to neglect tupper and play tic-tac-toe. Also you need an avatar. Generally more images.