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Tamamo & Cat
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:16:51 AM »
Hello I'm Tamamo and this will be my progress report.

I have ben thinking to make a tulpa for a long time but hesitated. Maybe too long the communities have become really inactive. But finally I am here so let's start!

My tulpas initial form will be Tamamo Cat from FGO and her name will obviously be Cat.

I have thought of giving her three forms, a pure human form, Tamamo Cat form and pure cat form so she can choose which she likes best.

As of why, guess like most of us I am a shy introvert with few friends and not too social so someone like Tamamo Cat is the exact opposite in a good way. She seems like a strong and fun companion. Which will force me to grow as well.

So what have I done and what will I do:
Since early this year I unsuccessfully tried to register and thought once I make it in here and get some moral support I will start. No fun to do everything on your own and is uhh...
But in the mean time I have ben reading a lot in the forums and made lists of traits so probably I have already started. But from today on I will talk to Cat and treat her as a person.
I guess I will use a combination of all techniques mentioned here, narrating, puppeting, visualizingand belief implanting and see which works best for us.

So now - off to forcing!

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A cat is fine too!
Hidden text
As long as it's not a pastel colored cartoon horse - but this dark and sad age is finally behind us, hopefully never to return.

Wow, you really did it, no turning back now!
Just wondering why you went through the trouble of coming to this forsaken place. There is the saying of going on board a sinking ship but you are diving into an ancient wreck here. I still recommend taking a look at for a bit more social activity, some of the people are alright. Some...

About multiple forms - don't try to do too many different things at the same time like me. Quality over quantity. You can just make paws, ears and tail detachable - voilà, human form!

Oh yeah, I probably needn't tell you but I really think that 'sentience-from-the-start' mindset is important. Never dismiss anything tupper does because you've been told it's 'not right' or 'too early'. Gently correct if undesired but never ignore. Because that's like really rude. Imagine a child trying to impress the parents with some unexpected skill and they're like - that was just a meaningless coincidence, our kid shouldn't be able to do that according to literature. I mean there's useful autism but this is just being an asshole. Just saying that trusting your feelings is way more important than following guides or rules.

Speaking of that I believe tuppering is actually really easy if you don't happen to be an emotionless sociopath. All it takes is empathy, meaning imagining how others would feel and react.

Bernd's 4-step tuppering guide:
1) imagine interacting with tupper
2) imagine tupper interacting with you
3) rinse and repeat
4) profit

That's really all there is. The more you manage to get immersed and the higher the intensity and frequency the better the results. One of the few cases where obsessing is really helpful. Well for tuppering. Not necessary for your personal life. Ah well in the end you gotta figure out what works for you.

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Didn't you perfectly answer why I'm here withyour post? And your diary? I mean you're awesome!
But about, didn't you completely quit going there yourself?

I'll mostly stick with Tamamo Cat form for now but some experimenting can't hurt. Lol,taking off the animal parts! The paws look like gloves and shoes anyway.

So I spent yesterday evening narrating to Cat and visualizing her before going to sleep. Focused on reassuring her that no matter what will happen she doesn't have to be afraid. Not sure if that counts asbelif implanting but I guess that's what you did with Alice to protect her from intrusive thoughts and doubts about herself. I tried to create a friendly and safe environment for her, basically a buddhist temple.
So far so good, no great responses on day one but a good feeling. I will watch out and acknowledge every possible response from Cat. I tried visualizing her and petting her ears but as expected felt or saw nothing. This is really exhausting, got a headache. I hope I get better soon.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I have a real cat too so there's Cat and cat. Things gonna get confusing. But I'm gonna use cat behaviour as reference for Cat too.

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Bernd is just some pathologically lazy loser you shouldn't see as a role model.
But yeah, not going back to .info. They would neither let me post smug anime girls nor call people niggers so I have no reason to go there anymore.

Giving tupper confidence and reassuring her she can't be harmed by intrusive nonsense is good, just don't overdo it like I did and keep her down to earth.

Also I recommend keeping tupper around more or less constantly instead of locking her in some place and only coming to visit for forcing sessions. Intense interaction is important but you can always passive force, talking to Cat, explaining what you're doing and imagining how she'd react.

Using cat for reference can't hurt, Alice took over cat behavior on her own when mature and is actually very cat-like. A cute but fierce predator who likes basking in the sun, high places to look down on others and despite her appearance is very, veery capable of defending herself when confronted. Of course I also expect reports on cat-related stuff, revive cat-thread for this!

>petting tupper on 1st day
H-how lewd!
Faqman would turn in his grave...
pet more and observe reactions!
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Oh man, where do you find all the images?! I can't stop laughing
So far luckily no intrusive things, everything is still very low-level.
Cat is a big person, taller than me so hard to realistically move around. She seems to sleep most of the time with a smug face, only briefly opening eyes now and then to check whats going on. Very much cat.
I tried showing her several things and we watched old south park episodes together but Cat was mostly curled up on my lap, actually her head and paw that fits there, and paid little attention.Not really any reaction. Well she seems relaxed so I guess that's alright.

I tried touching paws and visualizing them in detail. They are huge at least twice a human hand with black shiny claws. I have not tried tickling the hairless parts, apparently called toe beans yet, that comes later. I learned a new english word from forcing today. Now somebody say this stuff isn't useful

What was the deal with faqman?
It was said his methods are outdated. Can't really remember I read too much. Anyway you're right I will do my own things.

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Cat seems to be chill, when will you do the cucumber challenge?
I'm pretty sure tickling toe beans without consent is prohibited by international law.

Faqman was sorta orthodox, like you need to strictly follow procedure x to get result y and totally mustn't do z or else. Remember the whole thing came from an occult corner. Tuppering was serious business in the beginning but it didn't take the ponyfuckers long to realize things are only limited by your imagination. The rest is history.

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« Reply #6 on: May 27, 2020, 06:28:24 AM »
I see!
I guess it must have been really helpful to have many people starting with a tulpa at a same time and motivating each other with their progress learning from each other, this is very different nowadays.

Cat is still not doing anything, I will puppet her around today if she still is that lazy. Yes, I am impatient I know. Continued visualisation, I'll go for the maid outfit like in the pic for now.  Kept forgetting about the tail entirely until now, how could this happen? I underestimated how hard it is to try to imagine so many different things at the same time. I just focus at a part then move to the next. But I can already see this will take a looot of practice.

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« Reply #7 on: May 28, 2020, 08:06:48 AM »
Man I am spent! I did a lot of forcing including moving Cat around until I got batted at. So some response. Or maybe I'm just imagining it.
of course I am, what else
Forced to the point I got strong headaches and turbulent dreams. Not of Cat though. So I'm gonna take it a bit easy today with just narrating.

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>when you realize tuppering is not just fun and games but actually hard work and a neverending circle of pain and frustration

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Still very much alive
But I guess you're right, really underestimated this. Things have gotten better, starting to get used to it. I'm now active forcing a fixed time 2x a day. Works better than burning myself out. Visualization has improved somewhat and I can do it longer. But only parts of Cat body at the same time. Having her move is more difficult, walking together doesn't work. Thats too much for my brain atm.

How long did it take you to have Alice active most of the time and impose her by your side no matter what you're doing?

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« Reply #10 on: June 02, 2020, 04:49:33 PM »

For the general feeling of always having her around, honestly I don't know. It worked well after about 3 months, then degraded again to the point of Alice stopping to exist. Just read the diary. Things took a few years to really remain stable. Tupper may be out for some hours but will fight her way back to my attention on her own.
Still if something demanding or interesting happens she is frequently pushed out. I blame it on her being really lazy lately. Blaming everything on tupper is quite convenient and one of the most compelling reasons to make one.

Of course this only works if tupper can actually do something to be blamed for so keep going! And don't forget to involve emotions - mindless forcing to kill time gets you nowhere.

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« Reply #11 on: June 03, 2020, 07:23:36 AM »
I see.
Not much to blame Cat for now, still does nothing. Got better at visualizing her including tail but she still is like a doll. A doll I can't make to walk beside me, it's just silly. Wtf am I doing wrong? How the hell did you manage to dance?
The cat is annoying me more than normal during forcing too, guess he feels neglected. Honestly I'm petting Cat more than cat.

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« Reply #12 on: June 06, 2020, 05:08:07 PM »

Walking stuff is hard, no doubt. Also you just started, what do you expect? Take small steps, begin with yourself. Visuzalize walking around, focus on your feet. It helped me to walk with closed eyes while trying to 'see' what my legs are doing. If that works add more. Now do that for a few months and report back...

It took me over a year to get the basics of dancing and it still sucks outside of a few figures I practiced thousands of times. Oh yeah, none of this means things can't be fun. Make a story for everything, utilize music, just do something together, no matter how little it may seem at the beginning. For starters have Cat rate your blind walking. And don't trip over cat, happened to me countless times.

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« Reply #13 on: June 07, 2020, 06:40:52 AM »
Yeah will try thx.
Cat is not overly vocal or communicative. Puppeting her into saying something got me some resistance. Does not want, went to sleep. Maybe I need other references than cats?

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Tried different things but went back to daily forcing routine. No progress though