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You sure know how to plan your purchases and save up your money.

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Yeah, you and I have differing views of "needing" something.

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Wowza, way to take offense at such a simple statement.

You could've bought a used hoodie, as opposed to buying a new one. Learn to enjoy rain on your head and dry your hair when you get home; free hair wash. Concerts are unnecessary, especially when you have imagination.

Like I said, differing views.

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Afraid money problems aren't exactly tupper progress. Go on another tupper date and report back.

PS buy cheaper hoodies


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16-Volte's account: ViolinAfficionado

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That's the spirit. Give us something interesting to read.

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Do you notice the reminders you set up for yourself, or do you look at them and then shortly thereafter dismiss or forget about them?

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You could do that Eye-Bo marathon thing I do where the right half of your screen is occupied by an Eye-Bo video (preferably a constant version) on repeat and the other half reserved for whatever it is you do on the computer. Then, when you plan to go to bed or do something else in your room that doesn't involve the computer, you can easily switch the video to fullscreen, and then back to windowed mode when you're done. This, of course, has the implication that your room is non-lit, with your screen being the only source of light.
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Go through what you've learned with her. Explain stuff. Make her your study partner. Of sorts.

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Well, you know what they say. A forum is only as active as you make it be. Literally.

I'm not sure if anyone else has tried narrating that way, but you do have to keep it up and see where it takes you. Maybe one day you'll advertise it as your original method do not steal, huh?

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Well, you know what they say. A forum is only as active as you make it be. Literally.
I blame the Belgian for consistently posting on .info and not here. The magazine is our last hope for some public outreach. Or maybe we just need to wait for the inevitable summer-popularisation to happen next year; .info got a bunch of people during the summer.

Or maybe people should just post more.

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Bad knee, try swimming or maybe take the bike out for a ride. No one forces you to do that stuff fast and depending where you live, both could very well be free.

Also sounds to me like you've gotten narration with visualization down pretty good. That sounds sorta familiar but not exactly identical so I'd say you've figured out the trick that works for you.

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No pools? That's some excellent city planning there. 10/10 America. Maybe I'm just too used to actually having stuff like that.

You get shit consistent by making it consistent. Look at it, study it until you remember it. If it changes after you've made it consistent or your changes back to the old version get reverted or it's easier to keep it consistent after it has changed then guess you might want to roll with that, then. Something changes it and if it's pleasant, why not, you know?

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Eh, close enough. I know here they at least try to give the people not living next to the good stuff something they need. Like say, public pools. Think they're about to build a new one close to where I used to live as a kid, that's pretty nice I guess because it kinda was needing one. Only sucks for you if you live in rural areas because they're moving all services there to more urban areas. But that's life.

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Sounds (or smells or something) can definitely make you visualize better, especially if your mind's eye isn't as good as some other imaginary sense. So yeah, do give it a try and let your imagination take you where it wants to... As long as you can do it with your tupper. Not a good forcing session if you don't even do anything with the tulpa, you know. Don't let yourself get too distracted unless you find something really cool, I think then you're allowed to go check it out. Only helps your visualization skills.