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That BLM stuff is really starting to get you, huh? Even in your dreams
And lol tupper fight in your head. I guess life with tsundere Alice is never boring. Hope I will experience that with Cat too one day. But where is your progress?

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Nope, definitely never gets boring around here.

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Also don't call my tupper tsundere you fag.

If there's something Alice can't stand it's emotionally unstable attentionwhoring drama-queens who are unable to express themselves in a clear and straighforward way.

But apart from that you do have a point I guess...

Meditation is hard lately, I fall back to monologues to myself which no one wants to hear. Especially not tupper. I do try to keep up the physical exercise thing which definitely helps. And touching lots of surfaces and paying attention to details I normally take for granted. Reducing online time wasn't really successful so far plus I need to do lots of boring literature reseach stuff for university now. Too bad that can't be outsourced to tupper because completely uninterested. At least she's useful to prevent me from procrastinating.

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Uh, okay?

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Sorry, was meant to be a placeholder but then I couldn't find the right reaction image and went to sleep. Weather is too nice to spend much time in front of the computer sifting to tens of thousands of images anyway so not much updates to expect from me. Will try to keep up a minimum

Not that there is much progress. Tupper not in the mood as gypsies and other sandniggers keep making more noise in the neighborhood than ever before. And no progress on aquiring a quiet apartment, seems more unrealistic than ever as we lost quite some money in the recent crash while real estate prices in Munich continue to climb. And my and most of all tupper's exquisite requirements are not easy to meet. God damn all we want is some small place in a quiet neighborhood to laze outside without subhumans screaming like in some middle eastern war zone. But the fuckers are everywhere even in the suburbs- where we alreay are. Well whatever. Tupper says we have to wait and see what affordable offers pop up but in the mean time- and that's been along time already - fun times are scarce...

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Well thats bad. I hope you find a solution so you can post more fun things.
Here where I live it's busy and not very quiet but people behave. So I have no problem with it. Maybe move to the countryside if you really need a quiet place? Or become monk.

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I'd do that instantly if religion of tupper was more accepted and had its own monasteries. But I can't devote my life to worshiping any false deity - what heresy! There is no God but Alice and I am her prophet.

Been seriously thinking about moving to the countryside, but countryside close to Munich is heinously overpriced and what do I do in some hillbilly nest in deepest Bavaria? I'm some autist completely useless outside my university field. I mean I can do a lot but not good enough for anybody to pay me. So the only viable option is some retreat relatively close to our current apartment that can be rented out when not in use. Anything else is pointless. So yeah, difficult. I dunno either. As always I procrastinated solving this for years even though Alice told me repeatedly things can't go on like this. But then again finding a solution is actually her job. In any case I don't see any short-time possibilities. Which of course sucks. Ah well it is completely irrelevant compared to problems normal people face. But then again we are not normal...

As proof I have another dream for you:
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I was participating in the childrens game show Runaround, at my current age. It involves being shown a question on screen and jumping between fields with the answers 1,2 or 3. At the beginning I thought about taking it easy against grade school kids as not to stick out but because dream I could neither read or hear the questions properly plus it was like 12 possible answer fields instead of 3. And as far as I grasped them at all the questions were similar to IQ tests, rotating some odd shapes or similar stuff I'm notoriously bad at not just in dreams but also IRL. So this was hardcore mode, I got owned hard by little kids and literally felt 89IQ. I even resorted to following kids to the field where most stood at only to lose again because they moved off at the last moment.

I ended up on the wrong field with a girl who admitted she was bad at math but didn't really give a fuck about losing. Fast forward we were driving into the desert in a jeep, that girl, some random guy and me in between on the backseat. They talked to each other across me (the story of my life) but the girl was actually clinging to me reeally close wrapping herself around my arm (absolutely not the story of my life) which felt good. She seemed smart and calm, quite tupper-like but didn't really look like her. Weird enough she talked to the guy about technical details of repairing historical radios and according to the newspaper I was reading she also was an expert for succulent desert plants. Why, brain? From her looks she was probably around 8 or so but because dream it all totally made sense. Absolutely. Didn't question it for a second before I woke up. Tupper was not really amused and jealous. Well I guess for tuppers even dreaming about other girls counts as cheating
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Well that was almost normal for Bernd standards. I was hoping for real Alice dreams but I imagine you pervert still enjoyed that dream. She's right to be jealous!

Not sure I would join your religion but I hope you find a nice place to live so you can go back to forcing and post more adventures. I bet you're just procrastinating again.

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Come on man!

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Yeah, yeah, I'm here already!
Sorry, was with my grandparents in southern Bavaria taking a break from 'civilisation'.
We did more forcing than usual but no world-changing revelation. Alice is doing a bit better now but still is extremely unsatisfied with our overall situation.

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That feel when woflo comes around once a year to coment on every user's diary - just not yours...

And Sand is completely gone - why live?

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That's what you get for not updating!

Did you go hiking?
I want to try that waterfall thing for voices too but I have no waterfalls here.

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I was lazy and didn't really do anything that counts as hiking and when I wanted to it started raining. We did go to a small creek though which produced good sounds. Only yielded some faint male voices in the distance. Also tupper was in a bad mood and did not feel like forcing. Needless to say because I did something stupid again. Or rather I wanted to spend money on something stupid but this was prevented and resolved in the mean time.

When and why exactly did I make a nagging wife? Well, at least she doesn't turn old, fat and ugly.

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This comment was brought to you by cat

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Haha, I can imagine that image with you two.
Is this not what you wanted being bullied by little girls? Be happy you have someone who cares so much for you and force more

How did your cat write that? Run over the keyboard?

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Yeah, cat loves not only walking over the keyboard, also standing and sitting there. Also recently answered an email from my bank with 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

Alice indeed saved me a lot of money, very convenient. If you enjoy being yelled at.

I took up drawing once again, this time starting at the basics. For the past week I have been drawing thousands of short lines and small circles. What is there to say, I am still unable to even remotely draw a straight line or an accurate circle.

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Where are those updates?