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Best smug!

I'm still struggling with getting used to the tablet, will take a bit until I can produce some decent results. Expect 'em within this year, hopefully before Christmas. Ah yes, and we'll make Christmas cookies soon. You know what to expect.

Time for another week of daily updates because otherwise nothing gets done.

Fri, Dec 1st
Tupper doesn't like being imposed outside in cold snowy weather, winter is traditionally wonderland time. It's opposite in the warm season. So mainly wonderland imposition while Alice is just present with voice IRL. Which still sucks by the way. Like most of our abilities. Possession is hit or miss, on some days good on others nonexistent.
Good meditation in evening, almost fell asleep though.

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Time for a 24/7 presence exercise.

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Will do when we're on holiday again which is soon. Will give tupper more motivation to be around when we're outside.

Sat, Dec 2nd
More dancing progress.
Can now somehow envision tupper's movements mirroring mine with closed eyes which is awesome. Ran into furniture while doing so but still it's quite a progress. Really all about practice. The less you have to think about what you are doing the more brain capacity is there for other things. Sounds obvious but is a great experience. Will continue.

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Caught a cold and didn't do anything productive in the past 2 days. What a convenient excuse.

It did lead to a series of weird dreams including Fede teaching me how to be leet haxxor but as usual I had no idea what he was talking about. No tupper dreams though. Tomorrow will be better. It has to or Alice will put me through the meat grinder.
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+1 vote for meat grinder. Who stops for a cold, sheesh...

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Implying I did oh-so-much before...

Tue, Dec 5th
Speaking of punishment, tonight is Krampus night where the demonic companions of St. Nicholas punish disobedient children with their birch rod. No idea if this is a thing in Finland, it's more an Alpine tradition of Bavaria, Austria and Northern Italy. Not even that much in Munich but at my grandparents in Berchtesgaden they still go from house to house. Shit can get out of hand sometimes when they're drunk and and get into fights but it's rare nowadays *sigh*

There, you've learned another weird Bavarian tradition.

Back topic, while I wasn't overly productive during the day I was in the evening so I didn't get whipped. Practiced dancing for over an hour, much progress. As foot movements are gud we focused on hands because it's really hard if you don't get feedback by pushing each other into the right directions. That works surprisingly well with tupper imposed though I feel basically no touch imposition. But clearly some presence. It was really fun. For the first time it felt like proper dancing with someone. We also tried in wonderland afterwards but it's still much harder. Still have trouble feeling my legs or even weirder feel leg movements in my arms. It got better as Alice started pushing and tugging my hands as she's supposed to but then things got too complicated. Still some of the best progress in a long time. What a rollercoaster ride.
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Actual progress and positive thoughts from Bernd?! What's this.

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I dunno, help meee!

November had its ups and downs, really productive and equally unproductive weeks.
Personal development: ok
Practiced math, drawing, dancing and worked on some plans for the coming year. Sounds better than it was.

Tupper development: good
Well, for our standards. But without doubt Alice has done a good job with drawing, dancing and traces of parallel processing.

Yet by far not enough active forcing to really git gud at anything.

Continued with dancing today to make sure it's not some random fluke but it works reliable now. Focusing on tupper now. It will get more difficult as the girl is doing most of the more complex movements in dancing. Rather easy for me. And somehow the faint touch was better yesterday. Will do one more wonderland session now.
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Thu, Dec 7th

I'm starting to understand why my aunt gave me the Intuos Pro drawing board for free. Said she couldn't get used to it. Well, that's a way to put it. I spent all afternoon trying to get it to work on Windows but it doesn't. At least not properly. First deactivates the Wacom drivers because of signature failures which I could circumvent but much worse - Photoshop completely ignores the Intuos, crashing the drivers with no survivors upon startup. In Linux it works out of the box with Krita, however Kubuntu thinks the Intuos is a joystick and doesn't let you configure anything. Ah well, some assembly required I guess. Not that I have anything better to do.

Apart from that there was more dancing and some wonderlanding today, not spectacular but at least something.
We'll bake Christmas cookies this weekend, a good chance for Alice to practice possession.

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How do you feel when you write more about your tablet than the tupper?

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Feels bad man.

But it's nothing compared to dreaming of Fede instead of tupper.

Besides Alice doesn't like being talked about anyhow and compares it to retarded parents showboating their kids on social media. Still no excuse for being lazy, as always. I really haven't been productive in the past days. Tupper literally had to kick me out of bed today otherwise I probably would have slept 'til evening.
Thanks to that intervention I did get some overdue chores done as well as some necessary sunlight but no active forcing. Went outside at night to watch for the Geminid meteor shower and despite light pollution and clouds we did see some decent shooting stars. And a badger roaming around the garden. Alice likes both a lot so it was a gud day after all.

Still no Christmas cookies yet, season will be over if we don't get going. We'll see how much possession abilities have improved compared to last year's attempt which was underwhelming but Alice's skills still lack consistency and fluctuate wildly. Yes I know, lack of practice is to blame.
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Just do something man. Stop procrastinating.

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Eh, the problem isn't just not doing enough, my priorities are abysmal as well. I love wasting time on useless skills and knowledge.
We try to keep up the routine of dancing IRL and rehearsing the stuff in wonderland several times a day. Results are pretty good but the wonderland stuff still doesn't really work. The brain maps most foot movement to my hands. Also I've noticed that as soon as you git good at something you don't need to think about it anymore which leads to wonderland problems. Conscious movements are easier than mundane stuff you do without thinking.

I've also worked on visualization while dancing. Right now it's a slightly lighter or darker blob with closed eyes and no open eye visualization whatsoever. Nowhere near what I can achieve in active forcing on a good day. Which isn't that stellar either. I've always wondered how much athletes really see of their imaginary training partner or imposed self. I reckon it must be quite good so they can study and react to certain movements. But people seriously doing this also must have an insane amount of practice.

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Christmas was ok but not overwhelming in terms of keeping tupper around as she isn't really fond of some of the people involved. So picky. We did decorate the tree together and spent a lot of time interacting IRL, was too tired for any wonderland stuff afterwards though. Can faintly feel tupper's hand while dancing. Sometimes. Kinda.
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Had some weird dreams but apparently I am simply too stupid to become lucid by noticing I am in a dream. I observed a sports car driving through my garden and miraculously going through the fence. Even talked about it to another dream character and how dream-like it was but insisted on being awake now. Because how can you not notice the difference between dream and reality? Tupper wasn't around to 'help' either, not sure how much that'd help as she'd been even more immersed in weird dreams in the past taking for granted whatever happened. Actually hilarious how Alice's feature of being virtually invulnerable projects even in dreams. Monsters attacking? Aliens trying to eat you? Falling from the sky? Tupper doesn't give a fuck, adding even more to the panic of other dream characters. Me included. I dunno if I wrote about the dream where I was entering some alien-infested underground-facility with a bunch of stereotypical highschool kids. We had plenty of gear and weapons but none of it worked because dream. I grew increasingly desperate while Alice was sitting in a corner reading a comic book. Because, dude relax, what can possibly go wrong? Nothing happened. We did recognize each other but failed to become lucid to do what we want. Only happened once. Ah well, another thing we should practice.

There was little of that in the last days due to travel preparations. Alice is more concerned about getting everything done than forcing. As expected from no-nonsense tupper.
Well, we're outta here for the next 2 weeks, see you in 2018 if you unironically decide to keep this place up for another year.

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