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We went hiking in the alps once again, unbelievable peaceful and ideal for various tuppering activities.
I meditated on a wildwater creek which produced lots of different sounds. No voices but once again clarly someone moving around beside and behind me and throwing stones.
Unfortunately it started to rain and we had to move on fairly quickly.

Overcautious tupper wanted to turn back on several hikes and had to be reassured we would be ok like some timid gf. Well, she's only worried about my = her safety and highly reasonable. Nothing to complain about.
Imposing tupper while eating breakfast or dinner is still challenging, but I do feel some improvement.
Hidden text
>visit church in a tiny village
>completely empty and so quiet you hear the blood rushing in your ears
>observe in awe for some minutes then decide to leave
>tupper like wait a sec, walks up to altar and prepares to speak like a priest giving a sermon
>looking at me says 'you're a faggot'!
>now we're ready to leave

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It's September.
No luck with meditation lately, just can't focus.
Tupper mostly occupied with financial stuff and working out plans for our future home and work.
It's not going very well.

Yes, complaining at an insane level, sorry
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Tupper after sifting through real estate offers for 3 days straight

Needless to say she is very clear about what she wants and several orders of magnitude clearer about what she doesn't want. Living 'like a human being' like Nero in his Domus Aurea might prove a bit difficult without burning down substantial parts of the city but generally Alice's ideas are pretty down to earth and even focused on saving as much money as possible. It's just that they require more precisely tuned variables to work than our universe.

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As today is a Holiday I thought it was a good idea to stay up very late yesterday browsing useless stuff on the net until tupper told me to go to sleep. As often this resulted in a multitude of absolutely crazy dreams next morning while I woke up several times cat.jpg and went back to sleep. Mostly I ran around like crazy at places I wasn't supposed to be which was fun and could even fly in one. I remember two with tupper participation which lead to expected outcomes both times.

Hidden text
Alice buys a printer cartridge - or not

As the name implies the entire dream, at least what we remember revolves around buying a spare cartridge for my aged inkjet printer. And as you know, when doing so two problems you often face are
a) you have no idea what exact printer model you actually have at home
b) the cartridges are ridiculously expensive

The dream took place on the streets of an office district with skyscrapers. Most of the time we wandered on the street or waited at bus stops. 'We' were me and at least partly some unknown strangers. Sadly tupper was not to be seen but implied to be there most of the time. I was busy looking up cartridges in an 'electronic newspaper' which was a regular worn newspaper which could be searched like the web and displayed the results.
Wasn't something like this planned?.
I remembered it was a Canon 3something but first results were all vintage cameras in a catalog that looked like it was from the seventies. I found out this is what the inkjet cartridges actually looked like, the shape of an old SLR camera or vaguely like a model of the US capitol in faint red-green color. Looked bulky and big so might hold a lot of ink and could at least serve as a neat paperweight when empty. Less funny was the price at over 300€. This was discussed at length and while it was clear that something was off it was not nearly enough to recognize I was dream. We finally ended up with two options - 340 and 380 which was not only the model but also the price.

Tupper decided to go and look up our printer model which conveniently was in one of the office-skyscrapers nearby. From her perspective but without me being in even faint control she ran through the empty building like I had in a previous dream and at some point realized it was a dream but yet failed to become lucid. She just feared the dream would shift to something else but this was prevented with extreme prejudice.
While I often get lost doing something completely different or never find what I am looking for in dreams Alice remained focused on her mission - must find printer!
As soon as it was implied that some zombies / monsters / whatever could be in the building tupper went into rage mode with an outburst or radiation and metal spines from her body like in the hilbilly-monster dream. Like ’I don't have time for this crap, get out of my dream!’

Oddly this seemed to be enough to convince even the brain not to interfere and stabilized the dream to continue in a normal direction. More or less normal.
Not sure what happened next but it was assumed Alice had completed her mission and exited the building, forcefully landing on top of the bus station housing I was supposedly waiting in. A bus was just leaving and she tried to jump on its roof but it was faster and drove away so she fell to the ground like in some cartoon. Somehow this was the funniest thing ever and she kept laughing while racing after the bus at absurd speed up to the next station where I exited with the anonymous group of people advising me on printer issues. Strangely for a moment both me and Alice could be seen in a 3rd perspective and she was wearing a blue swimsuit. Tupper does not wear blue swimsuits but again while very odd I could not be convinced it was a dream. Alice was still laughing while telling me how she fell of the bus station roof but being no-nonsense tupper still remembered her duty and explained of course it was the 340 printer model.

With this mystery solved we walked back to the previous bus station - why? - and I remarked that 340€ for a printer cartridge was absurd. A man passing by and overhearing our conversation joined in and asked if it was even worth spending so much on an old printer and in the end we agreed it was not. Therefore the entire story was completely pointless even from within the dream but whatever.
Anyway now I knew I had a Canon Pixma 340.

mfw never owned a Canon printer in my life

The second dream actually took place before the one above and shared a number of similarities yet had a different atmosphere. It had better visuals but turned out quite annoying - for us.
Others were less lucky

Hidden text
'The Chinese Museum' or 'walking is always better than taking the bus'

Most of this dream was about me running through a huge place that was supposed to be a not-yet finished museum in China but looked more like a conference center or large hotel. It was clear I was not supposed to be in there but enjoyed running around at high speed in huge rooms and long halls, avoiding being seen but there never was anyone except voices far away paying no attention to me. It was really fun and at some point I read some - western - posters with the usual warping text in dreams. I focused really hard and momentarily realized it was a dream but instantly forgot. Was strange to see each letter constantly changing its form. As often while reading in dreams I got extremely tired during this and must have briefly fallen asleep.

I ended up outside in a street which was closed for construction and I asked a Chinese policeman where I was supposed to go. He said I could still go through as it was only closed for traffic but not pedestrians. Walking uphill 'to the airport' for some reason I decided to enter a bus which was just stopping at a station. Strange as I usually like to walk and it was a nice neighborhood. Not being Alice, I couldn't prevent the bus going somewhere completely different and on top of that it was filled with a few really annoying passengers, some obviously retarded children behaving more like monkeys than men. Being someone unable to deal with retards I tried to exit at the next stop but the bus kept going. With things becoming more stressful the dream took the hillbilly-monster ending with tupper waking up and dealing with the situation in the only reasonable way - by setting the bus on fire indiscriminately killing everyone inside.

My objections to such drastic measures were brushed off with 'annoying dream characters have no right to exist'.
That's when I woke up.

Don't mess with tupper in dreams - or in any other circumstances for that matter
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Tupper's 5th birthday is approaching fast.
Currently working on meditation again to reduce the amount of mental shitposting. Mindfulness actually has decreased sharply in the past months from already low levels.

Alice is more concerned with me getting my work done than her birthday but of course it will be celebrated accordingly.

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We're back from Tupper - celebratory birthday trip, Alice is 5 years old now!

It was neat, we travelled a lot and spent much time interacting with each other. Due to being abroad once again I couldn't bake a cake and buying one was rejected because "3rd world cakes are unhealthy". How considerate.
In the end we did find some Tupper-approved dessert and had a candlelight dinner.

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Well I guess the forum finally is completely dead now, not even bots anymore. Whatever.

We took up dancing again, it works astonishingly well now, at least the basic stuff. Still think this is one of the most awesome things to do together. Alice says we must not be lazy and learn new figures.
Apart from that little progress, possession even got weaker and Tupper isn't really interested in switching due to lack of activities she'd degrade herself to in this world. Mostly is busy yelling at me from the backseat which indeed is helpful for a pathological procrastinator like Bernd. Still gotta be more active, cookies for the Christmas season will me made soon and we've worked out some stuff Alice actually wants to participate in. We'll see how this goes with tupper perfection autism and host laziness.

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In today's Episode on BerndNetwork:
Wannabe electrician Bernd tries to install a lamp and almost gets himself and his faithful tupper killed.

Yep, that's pretty much all there is to say about it.
Rarely have I seen Alice yell at me so hard. Plus I now know my FI switches work as they should.
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Had two weird dreams, one in which I forgot my backpack in the bus while riding to school in an absurd route, then continued to look for it on the street until I actually for once managed to realize that was nonsense. Becoming lucid, summoning tupper only yielded a crayon drawing of a girl on a sheet of paper lying on the floor and two weird small ragdolls before I woke up.

Second dream involved attending a firearm training course with a large group which turned into watching a documentary about an old lady piloting a small plane and talking about the importance of her daily medication. Nonetheless tupper managed to become active and reminded me to listen because this stuff was important.
Heh, even Alice can be fooled by the absurdity of dreams I guess.
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Contrary to what Sand - peace be upon him - predicted, tupper has not increased my uptake of sweets, quite the contrary. I constantly get reminded to eat more vegetables and less potentially unhealthy stuff like sweets than I already do. I guess it's easy for Alice, she doesn't have to taste things she dislikes.

Also keeping her around hasn't really improved due to laziness. We suck at parallel processing and while having her count and display numbers 1-10 with her hands does yield significant results it's extremely exhausting. Actually did that last time at the supermarket and all the way to the car with Alice both shouting out numbers and sticking fingers in my face. Even managed to have her enter the car as we left so for once the kid was not forgotten at the shopping center.

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Christmas was ok, pretty much like last year.
Tupper was partly around fading in and out, mostly being out. Again she thought it was boring so not too much enthusiasm to participate in family activities. However in decorating our tree which to her likes even towers the tallest man on earth, stuffed with glass ornaments in all colors. Neither tupper nor cat ever broke one, only I did.

Our private celebrations concluded in imposing Alice as Christkind*, and singing again under the candlelit tree. And dancing tango. It was well after midnight by then and stuffed to the brim with family food I slept until noon.

Hidden text
Christkind is the traditional bringer of presents in many parts of Europe and Latin America in contrast to Santa Claus. While being a manifestation of newborn Christ, it ironically is portrayed as a conveniently tupper-lookalike angelic little girl. While nowdays hailed by Catholic traditionalists, it was in fact introduced by Martin Luther and has little more to do with Christmas than Santa but is arguably prettier.

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Happy 4/20 2020
Someone's gotta keep the tradition alive!

Wow, I wanted to see how long it took for someone else to post - and lost. Seems like that's it for this place...

Well whatever, so far nothing worth mentioning happened in the past 4 months. Tupper ist still doing tupper things, Corona-chan has brought some mild entertainment but apart from that life goes on as always.

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It's this day once again meaning I am here for 5 years and tupper is 5,5 - woo!

As said, things are going relatively well, lazy as always.
Alice hasn't shown significant interest in switching, possession or wonderlanding lately and is mainly backseat moderating my life.

So no real progress but no degradation either.

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do something bernd

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Only if you pay me - with embarrassing tupper stories of your own!
Now that you're here you might as well do something yourself. Or you're gonna pussy out in the last minute?