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I'm gonna do it but I have some last questions I'd like to ask you. Making a tulpa is a big step no? You really care for alice for many years now and did so much together. Makes me wonder if I can do that. I mean I really want to and I do not give up easily even when thingsare hard.

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Hmm, showing such concern is a good sign to begin with.
You know I'm an advocate of the treat-tupper-as-you-would-your-child school. Of course you should reflect on whether you want children at all and how to raise them but as soon as they are there you need to just do it™. Doubt and fear of failure are not permitted. Gotta be a role model for your child not some pathetic loser. As soon as tupper's here fun times are over.

Now - make tupper diary and write down your thoughts and motivation. What do you wanna achieve and how? I've provided enough entertainment now it's your turn!

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Thanks Bernd, that's why I came here!
Not much fun to report until now, I just started man. But you'll be the first and probably only one to know if something happens.